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I want to help your child shine.

A disorganized nervous system and imbalanced biochemisty drives kids nuts. Specific diagnostics, a treatment plan designed just for your child, nourishing the body and balancing the brain bring out your child’s beautiful, authentic self.

Functional Neurology

Functional neurology is a cool field that uses fun exercises to help the body function optimally. Dr. Caroline Peterson will check to see if certain regions of the brain, or certain loops of communication in the brain, or one hemisphere of the brain is not working the way it should. Then, specific exercises are prescribed to help strengthen that part of the brain so you feel more focused, relaxed, and happy.


In order for the body to work properly we need to have the proper nutritional building blocks. If a child is anemic, not eating enough of the right kinds of proteins and fats, or eating artificial or processed foods the body will not be able to thrive. Dr. Caroline Peterson will use bloodwork to see what the nutritional needs are of your child, and if the problem is because your child is not taking in the proper nutrition, or if the chemical infrastructure is not processing the nutrition properly, so we need a work-around.

Genetics & Epigenetics

We know now that genetics is just the template for who we are, and does not determine the quality of our life. Epigenetics – what we eat and do, what we are environmentally exposed to, and how we love – is what turns on and off genes. Dr. Caroline Peterson will check for genetic SNPs to see if something in the genome is making it difficult for your child to be happy in their life. She will help you use many tools to address the epigenome and optimize joy and function.


Sometimes kids and families get used to a child behaving in certain ways and the child is aware of expectations that teachers, friends, or family might have for old behaviors, even though their bodies and minds are changing. Dr. Caroline Peterson works with the child and the family with neuroemotional technique, and tools from social and behavioral science to help the whole relationship system embrace the positive changes that are happening for the child.

Chiropractic, Exercise, Neuroemotional Technique, and Belly Rubs Help Prepare You and Your Baby for Birth.