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When I think about fertility, I think about wine.

Not just because it draws in babies, but because geology, geography, climate, and tradition all influence fertility.


The geography of fertility is the structure of the landmass of the body. Are the ovaries and uterus in place? Are there adhesions in the pelvis from surgery, infections, or even an inflamed gut that makes it hard for the fallopian tube to grab an egg? Dr. Caroline will assess the geography of fertility with palpation and possibly imaging.


The geology of fertility has to do with the quality of the soil in the body. Is the body well-nourished? Are the hormones balanced? Is the gut or liver in need of a cleanse? Have inflammatory and infectious processes been minimized? Is the hypothalamic/pituitary axis unrestricted and able to send optimal information to the ovaries? Is the thyroid happy doing its job? Is there a SNP that makes methylation or histamine or estrogen problems? Dr. Caroline Peterson will run lab tests to assess the geology of fertility.


The climate of fertility has to do with the degree of joy and exuberance a person has in their life. Is stress minimized, or offset by fun? How much vitality does the person have? There should be a certain degree of delight in being in this world to optimize fertility. If the person is stressed-out, or tied-up doing other things, it will be difficult to conceive or maintain a pregnancy.


Tradition, as an aspect of fertility, has to do with the energetic patterns associated with bringing a child into this world. Sometimes these are ancestral patterns, sometimes they are patterns that related to previous relationships and losses in this life, sometimes they are patterns related to that person’s karma or personality type. It is important to address the components of tradition that could be influencing fertility.

p.s. fertility is not just a gal thing. It’s equally shared between men and women. Both need to get checked out.

Reviews from some of our Fertility patients

Dr. Peterson erased the misery of four years of infertility

Dr. Peterson erased the misery of four years of infertility, and reset my thinking to accept the possibility of a second child after hearing conventional doctor’s say the next step is an egg donor. I am 43 and pregnant now! Thank you Caroline Peterson!