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The uterus is the queen of the body.
A woman comes into clarity about her life purpose when her uterus is well positioned.
~Mayan Teaching


After having a baby it is very important not to over-do it. Your body needs to recover from the hard work of making a baby and birthing a baby. Prolapse can occur to a uterus, bladder, or rectum. The contributing factors are over-straining the ligaments and muscles that help to keep the organs in place, having a weak core, imbalanced musculature, and nutritional or hormonal components. Dr. Caroline Peterson will assess you to see what your body needs for healing.


After having a baby or after menopause losing a little urine when you sneeze or not being able to hold your pee when you have to go is thought of as normal. Incontinence is not normal. Incontinence is common. Incontinence can be related to brain imbalance, core and belly imbalance, or pelvic bowl imbalance. In addition to treating your body with manual therapy, Dr. Caroline Peterson will give you exercises to help build your core and normalize your diaphragm function.


In the United States girls and women expect to have pain with their periods. Even taking pain medicine for period pain does not raise an eyebrow. Here’s the news. Your period should not be painful. If your period is painful something is off. A painful period can indicate your uterus is out of place so the blood can’t get out well. Pain can also mean your nutrition or hormones are not well-balanced so your body is too inflamed. Dr. Caroline Peterson will assess and treat the position of your uterus, and suggest supplements to help balance your nutrition and hormones.


Ethnographic research has shown that hot flashes, mood swings, and fatigue are not normal constituents of menopause. The primary symptom of menopause in traditional cultures is a cessation of bleeding. That’s it. If we have additional symptoms, that is an indication that your nutritional and hormonal balance is off. Often, menopause is the culmination of living a life out of balance for decades. Dr. Caroline Peterson will work with you to find the correct cleanse, nutrition, and hormonal support you might need. She will also aid you with Neuroemotional technique through this life transition.

This work brings your womb and pelvic bowl to the heart