Functional Neurology & Brain Balance

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What is Functional Neurology & Brain Balance?

So many behavioral issues in kids (and adults), emotional problems like depression & anxiety, and movement challenges are really functional.

Neurologic Evalutation

During your neurologic exam we will check:

  • Vitals
  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Strength & Agility
  • Eye Movements
  • Fatigability
  • Primitive Reflexes
  • Specific areas and functions of the brain

Labwork Evaluation

The type of lab testing we use includes:

  • Routine
  • Food Sensitivity
  • Metabolic
  • SNPs
  • Autoimmune
  • Hormonal

How to Prepare

Wear comfortable clothing. Be sure you aren’t hungry or thirsty when you come to your appointment. Bring your prior records and imaging reports or come prepared to sign a release so we can acquire that information.

 What to Expect

Dr. Caroline Peterson will take an in depth history from you and perform a physical exam focused on the nervous system. You will wear your clothes and remove your shoes and glasses for parts of the exam.

Functional Neurology combines physical exercises to help neurons fire properly with supplements to treat the metabolic component of the condition.