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The Fourth Trimester is for mama, too.

Get the care you need, so you can care for your baby.


There is nothing worse than a difficult latch. You want to feed your baby, and your baby can’t open their mouth wide, or slips off the breast, or causes pain. Dr. Caroline Peterson has extensive training in breastfeeding both prior to midwifery school, and as a midwife.

She uses infant craniosacral therapy to help baby’s latch better. She also advises mothers on breastfeeding holds and care for mastitis and under production of milk

Belly Rehab

Pregnancy and birth commonly cause organs in the belly to fall down, and the front of the belly to weaken and open up. Belly rehab with Dr. Caroline Peterson focuses on putting the organs back in place and doing exercises to strengthen the core. If you had a cesarean section, belly rehab is truly important for you.

Back Pain

In the postpartum back pain shifts to the upper back and neck because of hours of breastfeeding.
Chiropractic manipulation helps to decrease neck and upper back pain as you remember to nurse your baby on pillows and bring baby to breast, rather than breast to baby

Pelvic Bowl Rehab

Whether you’ve had an “easy” or “difficult” birth, Dr. Caroline recommends a pelvic bowl evaluation to balance and tone muscles, fascia, and organs. If you have any weakness in the pelvic bowl like incontinence, or uterine, bladder, or rectum prolapse this will help you reclaim and heal your body.

Wait to get an IUD until you have your belly and pelvic floor rehab postpartum with Dr. Caroline Peterson. Postpartum belly & pelvic floor rehab can begin as early as when you stop bleeding.