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There is no normal pregnancy pain

Belly Pain

Lower abdominal pain is an indication that the uterine ligaments are pulling too hard to try to properly position the uterus. Upper abdominal pain is generally an indication that the belly muscles are separating or that there is heartburn.
Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy and Barral Visceral Manipulation help to put the uterus and other organs back in place.

Pelvic Bowl Pain

Pelvic bowl pain is typically caused by a previous injury or by a congested lymph system. This type of pain makes it difficult for you to let go. It also makes it difficult for your baby to descend and be born.
Dr. Caroline Peterson will treat inside the pelvic bowl after 36 weeks gestation.

Heal Prior Births

Memories from a previous difficult birth or loss such as a miscarriage are held in the tissue of the body. This remembrance makes it hard for the body to treat the new pregnancy and birth as something different from the former. Neuroemotional Technique (NET) helps to identify stuck emotions and release them so the past can become wisdom, and the present is a new possibility.

Back Pain

Low back pain is not a normal part of pregnancy. It is an indication that the body is lacking strength and balance. That strength and balance can be restored through specific exercise, chiropractic adjustments, and addressing belly and lymph issues.

Chiropractic, Exercise, Neuroemotional Technique, and Belly Rubs Help Prepare You and Your Baby for Birth.

Reviews from some of our Pregnancy Patients

True Healer

Dr. Peterson is so much more than just a chiropractor. She is a true healer that looks at the overall system and how each of its parts are functioning. I sought Dr. Peterson’s care for varicosities and low back pain due to pregnancy. After three intensive sessions, all of those things have improved, but so, too, has my digestion and overall sense of well-being. I have felt listened to, supported, and encouraged every step of the way. I am looking forward to postpartum support as well!