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Babies Keep Turning in the Womb Throughout Pregnancy.

Even after 34 weeks, breech babies have almost a 50% probability of turning without doing anything.

Western vs Eastern

In the West, breech presentation is thought of as a mechanical problem with the mom or the baby. In the East, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine insist breech presentation is a reflection of relationship imbalance. These imbalances could be that the mom is too stressed out, or too outward focused, or that the baby is not yet committed to their life destiny.


One of the most stressful things a woman can ever be told is that her baby is in the breech presentation. Suddenly her pregnancy takes on urgency as she dashes about from professional to professional and fills her schedule with exercises, homeopathics, and herbs.
I start by removing barriers to the baby turning like normalizing the mother’s musculoskeletal system, uterine symmetry, and improving lymph drainage.
Webster Technique is the chiropractic technique I use to balance the pelvis and help babies turn.


I use craniosacral therapy and neuro emotional technique (NET) to help breech babies come into their bodies and prepare to be born.


Mothers of breech presentation babies are often extended to the max, and functioning quite well at that velocity. However, breech presentation seems to be an indication that the baby is not able to function well at that life pace. When I talk with moms, we try to figure out ways to slow down life and really connect with baby. We also use neuroemotional technique to help mama and baby connect with each other and create a strong loving relationship.

My PhD was on risk factors for breech presentation. The breech baby study found that risk factors vary by maternal ethnicity, and that connecting emotionally with your baby is important. Contact Dr. Caroline Peterson for copies of her published papers.