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We do our best to make our services affordable and provide several options for you.


Dr. Peterson is an out-of-network provider for chiropractic care.
For out-of-network care you are responsible for a co-insurance and all expenses that are not met by your insurance.
You can use this Insurance Verification Form to call your insurance and find out about coverage.
Please do this before your appointment.
Dr. Peterson currently is not able to accept insurance that requires pre-authorization (like Blue Cross Blue Shield or Moda) or insurance that is an HMO (like Kaiser).

ChiroHealth USA (CHUSA)

ChiroHealth USA is a discount network that allows Dr. Peterson to legally give you a discount of greater than 10% for payment at the time of service.
ChiroHealth USA is for anyone that does not have insurance that covers chiropractic, has not met their deductible, or has met their yearly maximum.
For only $49 a year your entire family can join ChiroHealth USA by filling out this application.
You can use your membership with any chiropractor in the US who participates.
The best part of being a member is that you will know in advance exactly what you will pay.
Bring in your completed application and Dr. Caroline will input your information into the computer and CHUSA will send you your membership card.

Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVA)

Dr. Peterson accepts personal injury cases and will bill your insurance for these claims.

We request that you give us 24 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment. Missed appointments will be charged $50.