The Fourth Trimester

//The Fourth Trimester
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Babies are Biological Creatures, and Cultural Creations.

Normal Newborn

For newborn babies the breast becomes the umbilical cord as they feed on demand, and when not feeding they are mostly sleeping. Your healthy newborn should eat without causing you or them pain, sleep without needing to be swaddled, poop many times a day, and be held in arms transversely, or laid on back or tummy. If your baby does not nurse easily, cannot settle without swaddling or other sensory stimulation, does not poop many times a day, is not comfortable in all positions, and is not symmetric in movement and appearance, your baby needs to see Dr. Caroline Peterson for gentle infant carniosacral therapy right away.

Colic & Constipation

Colic is inconsolable crying for three hours a day, for more than three days a week, for more than three weeks. Colic incidence peaks at six weeks and typically resolves on its own thereafter. Dr. Caroline Peterson will treat your baby with gentle infant craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation to decrease gastrointestinal tract spasms. She will talk with you about making dietary changes, and might suggest probiotics that have been shown to be as effective as the drug simethicone. Dr. Caroline Peterson is also exploring the possibility that colic is related to neurologic imbalances acquired in birth that can be treated with functional neurology.


If your baby is having latch issues, Dr. Caroline Peterson will observe the latch and watch for how wide the jaw can open, the technique the mom is using, how easily the baby can relax into the side lying fetal position, how the lips phalange and tongue extends. She will palpate your baby’s jaw, and head, inside her mouth for possible tongue-tie, and palpate your baby’s back all the way down to the hips since this influences how comfortable your baby can lie while nursing.

Emotional Healing

Birth is demanding for baby’s as well as mamas. When Dr. Caroline Peterson works with babies, she helps them to come into their body fully and to heal any trauma from that birth using neuroemotional technique.

All newborn babies benefit from assessment soon after birth. Infant craniosacral therapy is gentle. Neuroemotional technique heals wounds before they have time to scar.