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Movement Builds the Brain

Sensory Input Provokes Motor Output.

Muscles, Bones & Growth

Kids should be super active every day. (Adults, too!) Active kids will have tumbles and injuries. Getting kids checked every 6 months is a great way to prevent unresolved injuries from influencing other functions in the body. If your child is injured and still complains of pain or dysfunction in a couple days, bring them in right away for a chiropractic check -up.


It’s tough being a kid. Other kids can be mean, and it can be tricky to navigate relationships. Neuroemotional technique (NET) helps kids feel more empowered in their lives so they can deal with sticky situations and ultimately be happy. NET is also helpful for kids who are “acting out” at home or school. Neuroemotional technique is best practiced when normal developmental stages are considered.


The brain and body is nourished by movement and food. Dr. Caroline Peterson helps to identify nutritional needs that could be making it hard for your child to sleep, have growing pains, have difficulty focusing in school, or get tummy aches. Dr. Caroline Peterson can do lab work to check for needed nutrition and food allergies. We are learning that lots of problems in school and life are caused by genetic SNPs that make it hard for the body to use nutrition properly. Dr. Caroline Peterson can also check your child for genetic SNPs, methylation, amino acids, and neurotransmitter issues that could be related to their general nutrition.


Many behavioral issues have a neurologic component. Kids who have a hard time following instructions and enjoying socializing often times have an uninhibited primitive reflex, or have brain hemispheres that are not well balanced. Dr Caroline Peterson uses specific exercises to help integrate primitive reflexes and balance the brain so your child can feel more happy in their bodies, relationships, and in school.

My wish is for every kid to feel comfortable in their body and happy in their life.

Reviews from some of our Kids

I got help with my sadness and anxiety

"My mom is helping me write this review, as I'm only 6 after all. I went to see Dr. Caroline because I was having (debilitating) anxiety - it started pretty abruptly, and though tied to specific events my mom still felt some help would be good. Dr. Caroline was so sweet, intuitive and warm. She communicated directly with me (though my mom interrupted quit a bit). She helped my body relax and understand, and changed my emotions on the spot. I feel in control again - as much as you can at 6."


I Wuv Doctor Carowine

"I am just 2 and one half years old and I love coming to see Dr. Caroline. She knows all this cool stuff about nutrition, she adjusts my back, which get s really tight and she is helping me with all this movement therapy stuff. I have been to 4 different pediatric chiropractors in my life and she is my favorite! Thank you, thank you."